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Eurovision 2020 Rotterdam

Eurovision 2020 RotterdamA Tribute to the Artists and Songs

The Official Eurovision Song Contest 2020 CD album with 41 songs to be released 8 May

Although Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled, the songs are still there for all of us to enjoy. As usual, the EBU is releasing the official Eurovision Song Contest 2020 CD album with all 41 of the songs that were scheduled to be performed in Rotterdam during the 65th edition of the song contest.

For some Eurovision fans, buying the official album is a yearly routine and some have a collection of albums that stretches back to the very first album released in 2000.

Usually, the official CD is in stock in April. Since the release date of the album had not been announced yet, fans were wondering whether there would be a CD at all. Well don’t worry, there will be!

Get a free OpenUp coaster set with your purchase

If you pre-order from the official web shop, you will not only receive the CD, but also a free ten-piece coaster set with the #OpenUp theme printed on each one.

While you might not be able to use your coaster set to have a Eurovision party this year, there are plenty of other things you can do with the coaster set. If you glue all the coasters together, you can use them as a measuring stick showing you the required social distance you need to keep between yourself and others during these difficult times.

You can of course also use the coasters as blades to throw at those who do not keep their social distance from you, but we don’t recommend that.

On a more serious note, we love this year’s songs and are looking forward to hearing them on the official album!

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Eurovision 2020, CD, Rotterdam
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