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Лучший российский участник Евровидения - это

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Eurovision Related Albums
I also have a blog with Non-Eurovision Albums. Here you can request albums as well.
= Music From All Over The World =

Дачные дома и бани
ВДМ- Строительство каркасных  домов, бань и дач с 2008г.  Санкт-Петербург, ул. Кронштадтская, д. 3, оф.

The site I was using to upload the files - Rapidshare - went down and changed the whole program. All my links are deleted and I cannot even use my old account!
I chose a new site to use as I got many complaints about Rapidshare.
Now I'm using
If you want to avoid the waiting, you can sign up for a Premium acount
E-mails about changing server again because people don't like this one either
will be ingored!

If there is an album on this blog that you want of which the link doesn't work,
just send me an e-mail and I'll re-upload it as soon as possible!

Eurovision, albums

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